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About Us

Refuge is a sanctuary for a wide range of artists, producers, directors, and writers. Our team can turn ideas into reality, and conjure spectacular visual entertainment in the blink of an eye. We use top of the line 3D and compositing software, which is both economical and efficient. We have also customized the latest cloud computing technology from Amazon’s EC2, which enables us to streamline our creative ideas into incredible content.

Our Mission

We turn ideas into reality, from conception to spectacular visual results. Our team is a mix of artists, engineers and perfectionists. We utilize the latest tools and workflows to achieve our highest goals. We work as smart as we do hard, and deliver incredible work every day.


Our Services

Visual Effects

Come work with us when you want to create amazing creatures like we do for NBC's Grimm, or you need a massive set extension like the cities we did for Last Knights.


We can do many other types of 3d and 2d computer animation styles as well. From a stylized Pixar look, to classic cell animation, we would love to use our tools and skills to help make any of your animated ideas come to life.


Do you need to do a live shoot for your production? We can handle more than fabulous animation and visual effects - we also provide production services. We have the latest cameras with a team of producers and directors standing by.

Our Advantages

What makes Refuge different?

Cloud Rendering

Our render machines are somewhere in eastern Oregon. And we have hundreds of them. We've customized Amazon's EC2 data center to suit our rendering needs. Small artistic files are sent up, and rendered frames rain down to our network. We have a direct pipeline right into their facility and we can double and triple our render power on demand.

Portland Oregon

Portland is f@#%ing cool. And, we're on the west coast... in America! We speak fluent English (with python as our second language) and listen to all your wishes and desires. It's your project - we're just here to help you. Besides, Portland has been doing animation for decades, in stop motion animation form. Many of those animators work in computer graphics industry also.


As cliche as it is, we work smarter, not harder. We utilize efficient procedures, software and a little programming to make our lives easier. Our artists are experienced and know how to work efficiently without layers of production management.


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