“REFUGE is a real refuge in the world of Computer Generated FX. Six and a half years of creative and excellent work on our show Grimm for NBC. They are fast, good and reasonable. And they get it!”

– David Greenwalt - Showrunner - NBC's Grimm

“Their visual effects work was of outstanding quality, the process was smooth and efficient, and their response time was always quick. I highly recommend Refuge to anyone seeking top quality visual effects work.”

– Victor Mathieu - Director

“I can't say enough about how awesome it was to work with Fred and the team at Refuge. From their creativity and attention to detail to the responsiveness and willingness to collaborate on all levels - they are true pros. We are thrilled and so is our client - can't wait to work with them again!”

– Cindi Elsom - HMH Agency

“Top rated crew, with top rated work. I will be using them again in the future.”

– Adam Lambert - VFX Producer - NBC's Grimm

“When trying to translate concepts into visuals, the process is intimidating and frustrating..., except Fred, Tarn, Kavita and the rest of the team at Refuge were able to translate our abstract concepts into compelling composites and beautiful effects shots.”

– Adam Lipsius - Director

“They bring big city creative to small town Portland, and we all enjoy the benefit! I must say that Refuge is neither just a client nor a vendor for us, but rather a partner.”

– Eric Stolberg - Executive Producer - Digital One

“These guys really nailed it for me. They came in at the last minute and managed to deliver amazing work in the constraints of my budget. Creative problem solving at it's best!”

– Nick Thurlow - Producer Last Knight

We Have Character.

Portland, OR. The land of craft beer, craft coffee, craft doughnuts. And inside our studio of twenty-some artists, craft characters. We use tools of science to make pieces of art. If we’re not showing the world something new, we haven’t done our job.

Character Animation

  • Photorealistic and Stylized
  • Animals and Creatures
  • Digital Doubles
  • Character Design and Development

Visual Effects

  • Set Extensions
  • Fire and Fluid Simulations
  • Destruction
  • Digital Blood ‘n Guts


  • Beauty and Digital Makeup
  • Warping and Morphing
  • Chroma Keying
  • Clean up and Wire removal

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