Refuge Reel

The Refugees

Take a look at a compilation of film and television work we've done over the past few years.

NBC's Grimm

Visual Effects Supervisor: Ed Irastorza

Visual Effects Producer: Adam Lambert

Post Supervisor: Julie Herlocker

Executive Producers: David Greenwalt Jim Kouf

Refuge has helped sculpt and shape the fantasy world of NBC’s Grimm for 6 seasons, providing full creature animation, digital makeup and blood effects.

"REFUGE is a real refuge in the world of visual effects.  Six and a half years of creative and excellent work on our show Grimm for NBC.  They are fast, good and reasonable.   And they get it!"  Executive Producer, David Greenwalt

The Last Knights

Director: Kazuaki Kiriya

Visual Effects Supervisor: Tarn Fox

Go behind-the-scenes with the Refuge team, to hear how we built the fantasy world of Lionsgate’s Last Knights, starring Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman.

Koodo Mobile - El Tabador

Director: Rob Shaw

Supervising Animator: Eric Scheur

Technical Director: Fred Ruff

Previous to starting Refuge, Fred Ruff worked alongside Lead Animator Eric Scheur and Compositing Supervisor Tarn Fox on a series of commercial spots for a cell phone company that had a tiny Mexican wrestler as their spokesperson. The sexy little luchador had a bold attitude and was full of himself. 

Grimm - The Rat King

Supervising Animator: Eric Schuer

Animation Director: Fred Ruff

Watch as we build a 50-ft tall rat creature to life then electrocute it.